Every Penny Is All Worth It

The scorching heat of the summer is sometimes unbearable and I am so fool because I wasn’t able to prepare for it. We have aircondition in the bedroom but in the living room, we were like frying ourselves because it is just so humid and we don’t have stand fan or at least cooler, it would be best if we also have aircondition in the living room too but aside from it is very pretty expensive, I don’t think that we can afford an installer for Air conditioning. But those resident living in Phoenix Arizona, they are exactly so lucky because they have the expert in the area, they don’t have to hire a company located  miles apart away from them because in just a one call away or a click away, HVAC services in Phoenix will come running in front of you door ready to work. They always protect their names and reputation that’s why they always make sure that they only offer the best when it comes to Air Conditioning and Heating.

There are times that even though how lean and how careful  the owner of the company, if the worker that he hired is not equip enough to do the job, I am sure that his business will not run that long. We need to have a strong foundation for our business and this came along with how experts and how skilled your men are. The company conduct state and federal background with their technicians or men so to ensure the quality of their  work especially when it comes to heating and air conditioning business, so when you work with them, you will feel safe when using the services.

Their services include with the following

Airconditioning repairs and installation

Heating repairs and installation

Duct repair and installation

Indoor Air Quality and the likes

If you don’t have money right now, do not  worry because they are providing free estimate on the website. They offer residential and commercial Airconditioning so what are you waiting for, go to the website provided and I am sure you will be surprised with their offer.

I don’t have sleep yet and the humid is not helping me at all. We really need to go to the beach and soak ourselves with salt water. I may have the aircon turn on in the bedroom after this. I just hope too that I can afford a cooler at least the last week of this month. Summer is sometimes boring because we intend to just staying in the house than going around the mall especially when you have something to do online. The kids are sweating; they don’t expect that it can be this hot. They are already asking me if we can install a new aircon, I hope though, if I will be able to afford putting a heating and Air conditioning in the living room I am sure to look for someone who is dedicated and expert for the job. I am still hoping though that they will be putting a branch here, I will be gladly recommend or hire them.

The Moreheart Airconditiong and heating also offers schedule maintenance, so when your Airconditon needs to be fix, you can call them right away and I am sure they will be very excited to start doing the job. If your cooling system already hit 5 years or more, you might want to consider in replacing the cooling system because it is not only the performance that will be affected but the whole system especially the electric bill. And I am telling you it is more way expensive than what we expected. Regular preventative maintenance is very much highly recommended because since you are maintaining the quality of the cooling system, you may also have a good night sleep in the afternoon.

‘Zoning your heating and cooling system can help you reduce your bill to 30%, isn’t it amazing? So when you have the right men and the right company to do the work, I am sure every penny is all worth it.


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Because Of The Betamax At Home

We just had a reunion today with my classmate; it was my first time to attend the reunion. We were talking about stuffs in high school until we talked about the house that we always gone through whenever we don’t have classes. And one said it was our house that we rented before during high school. One jokingly said that I was one of the richest because we had betamax and they always came over to watch a movie. I think I was the only had a betamax or VHS that time so if there were no class, they always hang out in our house. One of my classmates asked what happen to the place, told her a mall was put up in the area so maybe that house was long gone already.

I still remember that house though; I grew up as a teenager with that house. I had so many memories of that house that when my sister decided to move out, I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to move because I will surely miss the place, the house and my friends. But I guess life is not constant, whether you like it or not, we should always move forward, you can look back with the house, the life that you had there but you cannot go back because you have to build your own home to the new place, you cannot get stuck of what your life is before, you should face the future and move forward.


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Bigger Space For Music Room

If only I have a bigger space here at home, I may put up a music room, you see we have numbers of musical instrument and we just put it any corner in the house. The violin that I bought was left alone in one corner in our bedroom; the guitar of Faith was also in another corner of the bedroom. The piano is in the kitchen and oh the drums? Lol we actually don’t have drums maybe if my budget is enough for home renovation and I can put up an extension to get a bigger space. I would probably buy yamaha drums at guitarcenter.com, I am sure Mj will be delighted that we have a set of drums that she can practice playing at home.

My eldest daughter is a musician in fact she know how to play almost all of them. I am so proud seeing her playing the drums on their recital, she said she learned the beat on her own for a particular song. Her coach even congratulated her for a job well done.

 photo 16939138_1445346012205134_1515362117945104896_n_zpshxzravss.jpg

See the picture of the drum set? If I have the same size, I really need a bigger space at home. I want to do the renovation right now but the savings is not enough, so we need to wait patiently. I know for sure my dream will come true.



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Make Over A Room On A Budget

Sure that when you make over a room, it is indeed very pretty expensive. But there are ways that we can make over without spending much. When you paint your room not the usual color that you had in your room, it is already a makeover and guess what, you still have dimes left.

Moving your furniture back and forth could be fun but make sure that you don’t strain your back. Putting your bed or sofa against in a different walls will make your room in a whole new arrangement.

Your center table can make a difference, you may want to change the table top or design your center table or anything. Or you may want to put a flower in the center of your table perhaps.

Change your throw pillow; hide those pillows that are already there for a long time, you may need to check some sale in the malls for throw pillows.

Try to change your wall to wall paper, choose a bright color something that you really really like. Change your wall and that’s it. Wall papers are not heavy in the pocket so absolutely I am sure you can still save some bucks.


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