To Create A Cute Office Nook

If you had a closet that is preoccupied at all, you can use that one to create a cute office nook. It would be easy if you just free your mind and let your imagination do the work.

Clear out a wide catch-all closet, cut away the wall beside the door so to open a recess

When you are in a tight budget, you can use a nail gun to attach 6 inch planks of plywood to the walls, ceiling and floor, for your office nook. Paint it with white or any painting that is not too strong. To make it more impressive, put a rug underfoot beneath the chair for your desk.

To make a perfect desk, if you have a second hand dresser, cut out the middle drawer for the knee room. Paint the base white s

Install two wall cabinets from an old cabinet box, or leftover lumber and the like.

You see if you are talented enough to create an attach to the wall office nook, this creation can only cost a dime. On the other hand just got this tip in This Old House magazine.


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A Family Who Loves Music

My oldest daughter has been playing the guitar for a couple of  years now and has expressed her interest in learning to play the drums and other instruments  Our youngest daughter has started learning the violin, she tries but has a way to go.  We were wondering if she might like to try the flute.  She seems to be fascinated by it, but we are wondering how much is a flute,  well, we are going to find out how much one costs and if we can find a tutor.

It is something for us to think about.  Both of our daughters are interested in music and learning to play various instruments and like me, they both love to sing.  Now, if we have a guitar player and a flautist in the family, doe that mean I get to be the singer?


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Gutter Falls Off Again!

The gutter that was only repaired not too long ago, fall off. It fell off to the ground, one night when the heavy rain pours down. Maybe it didn’t take the heaviness of the rain the reason why it falls off to the ground. I think it doesn’t take much repair since the gutters just need to glue to the other gutter that it still attach to the roof. I just have to look for that guy we hired last year to attach it. I just don’t have time now to look for him because during my day off I still need to go out to buy things for the house and for the kids. I don’t have time to roam around the neighborhood to check for him. And geez I need the budget for the labor fee too!

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Fireplace Benefits

One of the things that can make a house feel like a home is a fireplace. Not only does this addition bring a warming or modern design to the home, it can also be a way to save money on electricity in the winter.

When you think of a fireplace, you probably think about a roaring fire and sitting around the fire while being with family. You can enjoy a good book while the flames lick against the wall. The crackling of the logs as they are burning is a sound that you won’t get from a gas fireplace or a space heater that is placed in the room.

In the winter months, you probably notice your electric bill increasing as the weather turns colder. A fireplace can help alleviate some of those heating costs as the fire can heat the room and a good bit of the rest of the house if you close the doors to the other rooms. When the fire is going, your furnace can take a break from being used, which can help extend the life of the unit if you need to have heat in the home for the majority of the day.

You can design your fireplace any way that you want it to look. Add an antique fireplace screen for an older look in the home, or add a glass screen for something a little more contemporary. Whether the room is designed with brick or has wood paneling, you can install a fireplace that blends with the other designs in the room. A mantle can be added so that you can include decorations throughout the year.

There might be times when the power goes out in the home. Instead of sitting in the dark, you can use the light from the fireplace to see and cook, especially if the power will be out for some time. This method of preparing small meals will also save money on the electric bill as you aren’t using the stove or the oven top. The fireplace is also storm-proof, meaning that it will still work even if there is an ice storm or another weather event taking place.

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