Smiley Magnet Fridge

I just arrived from work. Our supervisor treat us for lunch and what was good about it is he treat us for huge round of pizza. Thus I never stop smiling.

 photo IMG_0150.jpg

This fridge magnet was bought in the mall one day, our fridge was so empty that when I took a glance of this magnet board, it left me a smile and so i bought many of this with different colors. Whenever I look at this smiley face on our fridge, I can’t help to smile.

Got this quote from Google:

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry

Show life that you have thousand of reasons to Smile

Join us here.

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Extra Ordinary Painting Job

There are many things I needed to do in this house, re-modeling the kitchen sink, renovating the kitchen and painting for the counter and Mariel’s bedroom. She raised that topic again a while ago when we were cleaning the house. These stuffs require a professional especially with painting job.

I am sure you can understand me about painting; I mean you don’t like to just buy some paintings and then splash it in the walls of your house, just like the abstract arts. We would like to have our house to be presentable at least. Thus, I would recommend you to try the certapro painters massachusetts, if you are around massachusets. They are serving also Hingham, Norwell, Marshfield, Pembroke, Duxbury, Scituate, Cohasset, Weymouth and other surrounding South Shore communities. With today’s financial constraints, when we spend money we would like to spend it practically. I mean, it is indeed so hard to look for money, we work hard on it, it requires even our time and effort just to come up with a budget to paint our home sweet home. So as long as we can, we wanted it to spend it matches with how much we work hard on it. So go for an expert, they may be expensive with quality and the durability of the job. We also would like to have it long lasting, beautiful and the assurance of the result when the application is done.

This company will not only paint but they also recommend what color that is best for the structure of your house. Their recommendation is very important because definitely base on their experience and the years they are in the business, their words can come up with a very stunning paint color to your home. I always believed in the expert, and since this company value their customer so much of course they won’t just tell you just anything ordinary but extra-ordinary that surely you would agree upon.


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Our House Dog: Pandom

Camera Critters

My first time to post Camera Critters Meme. Good luck to me!

I think I already have posted the newest dog in the family. We have Pandom in the house last summer. And indeed the time flies so fast because he grew up so fast. Even he is small, he barks so loud that you will thought he is a big dog. Oh well, somebody told us that he is half Labrador and the other half, hmmm, my niece just told me right now that he is askal. (Asong Kalye) meaning a street dog. Oh well, my kids doesn’t care what breed Pandom came from, they adore this dog so much.

 photo d41ed878-6683-46cb-ae5e-38c057c97d35.jpg

It has been months already that the dog lives with us. My husband doesn’t like dogs but good thing he is working abroad so he will not able to see the dog. I am not sure what should we do when he arrives.

 photo a7d2c059-3be5-4812-87ac-ff1014dc60f9.jpg

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Make Our Lives Very Convenient

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

One of the things that I shopped online for our home is the microwave oven. It was even almost free, the site asked to write about them and I can get the microwave oven half a price. It was a good deal right? So I took the opportunity right away. And until now, the microwave oven is still sitting on the corner and is very useful whenever we have foods we need to warm. Since then I became comfortable checking for some sites that offers good prices. And right now since I filed leave at work, I spend my time here checking for some home accessories that I can buy for our home sweet home. And it is just right because my favorite site offers promo codes. Who doesn’t like Groupon Coupons? I guess none of us adored promotions especially when the item is very useful for our house. I am a practical shopper, I don’t buy things that are not needed at home. Oh well as my husband said I am the head of Budget Financing and I am good at it.

I was drooling literally when I learned that Bed Bath & Beyond is giving their customer a good deal through promo codes. Geez my hands get very itchy when I saw their products, I wanted to buy all of them but I know I needed to budget, these promo codes can help us Moms to enjoy while shopping, I mean who won’t enjoy this one time offer, and this beneficial products, I mean this can make our lives very convenient. Do you agree?

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