Faith has runny nose again..

Faith was feeling distressed this early morning, I hear something on her nose. and she can’t drink her milk whatever I insist to, she was crying so loud for she wanted to drink her milk so she can get back to sleep, my sister irenie went to the room immediately to find out why faith is crying, for faith never cry early morning unless she don’t feel well, I carried faith when sister saw us, ask what happen.. I told her she have runny nose again, faith smiled to her and sneeze, oopss theres a snot came out from her nose, We put her in the crib and she began to play, I clean her 2 feeding bottle so I could make another one, when I get back to her, she was still playing with her tweetie bird trying to touch the eyes of the stuff toy, I carried her again, try to drink her milk and sang ne ne nah, her eyes closes, now its time to put her in the crib so she can sleep well. Later, after I’ll attend the school meeting I’ll buy again another Nasatapp for her.

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