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A siopao for dinner

Sister and family aren’t here and since I don’t like to cook, and thought maybe they already eaten, I just steamed a ready made siopao I bought in Nccc Mall… I just have to steamed it in a few mins so It will cook… I hope they already really ate their dinner though or else they will be starving.. Lol faith worn me out… and while shes sleeping shes still squirmy and fussy…. naaaaaahhh… Happy dinner to me 🙂 after dinner… since faith is sleeping and honey said bye bye already.. uhmm let me think… ok, I’ll be busy watching rented cd’s hehehe

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what a busy day!

Today, I have to return back to the repair shop the newly repaired back of Mj for when she tried it the second time in some reason it won’t run. We stayed there for a while to have it back home. We didn’t wait too long though… for the pedal was now properly placed. I and Mj went home immediately. When I went home faith was awake and sis said she just slept a little. So I put her to sleep and since I slept late last night for I was tracking Charice guesting in you tube, (imagine I slept 2 am already) I slept with faith however she just slept one hour grrrr… sis and the family went out to go to church so I left with my super hyper squirmy baby hehehe but uhmm cute though.. she did not went back to sleep so I have to play with her, up up and away… tickling her… giggling with her… and I have to be patient on her being so squirmy in the stroller or in the bouncer. I have to look extra careful to her so she won’t fall… or else lagot ako sa daddy hehehe… well now after I feed her for her dinner and let her drink milk… shes sleeping sound on her crib, while me chatting with honey… thank GOD!

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Ice cream

Last night as I was busy trying to let faith fall asleep, sister was so serious watching tv in the living room, when I left faith on her crib already sleeping this time, Thank God! I went out, and was so intrigue what my sister was watching… It was the story of Charice Pempengco in Maalala mo kaya… Its about how life challenge her, Her mom was a battered wife so she together with charice and young bro ran away from their dad.. In which her dad didn’t even tried to follow them or ask forgiveness. She joined different singing contest, there was she won and lose, well thats what life is.. and when she lose, she always asked her mom to buy her ice cream, in which her mom agreed. until they went to join “The little big star” in abs cbn… her first rating on the said competition was very low though, she lose… after how many months she was put to wild card.. her performance every plot was great however on the finals, she was only the third placer, it made her really upset, however without her knowledge a strange guy posted one of her performance in you tube. A talk show in london called her, invited her to be the guest on his show. then that made it a gate way in korea, after the big break in usa. she was invited to sing in ellen degeneres show, in each guesting she represented The Philippines, and after she sang her piece she always got a standing ovation…. she became famous abroad made her as “The singing sensation in the internet..” after Ellen Degeneres, she invited again in the usa… and now, she was stunned It was Oprah now will be her next guesting…. and when shes there even yet she was not finishing her song.. all of the audience applauded, each one was very amazed of her voice as the stage manager of oprah said It was very strong… Oprah says shes really have something… she is so talented.

Charice done a good job on her career though there were a lot of hindrances when she started, she’d never give up… Two thumbs up for this girl, I really admire and so proud of her….


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