Morning Rush!

Its raining early this morning and I cannot even concentrate, I have to take MJ to school, we have to rush for it was already 7 am in the morning. I have yet to wash faith’s feeding bottle… haaay life, what a rush! Mj told me that she have to bring a vegetable, sa akong kataranta tawon I just brought one eggplant and one carrot for her, when we arrive at her school, I saw parents bringing trays with vegetable and fruits in it… waaaaaahhh I just put the eggplant and carrot in her lunch bag, hala! pagkatanga sa inahan, kaluoy sa ako anak oi! I just told her to give it to her teacher and let her teacher to do some remedy on it, its either she will put it to the other trays, whatever… I can’t go back anymore to buy some fruits or bring a tray for her. its raining and terry is waiting for me online, thank god faith still sleeping so at least we have time to chat. To all my fellow bloggers Good morning! Muah!

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