I was so worried when we went to faith’s pedia yesterday, said faith is lacking of 200 gms. she weigh only 6.1 kg. I asked him what should we do? do we have to change her milk, he said we try gain after 6 months and see if faith improving. He also recommended me a similac neosure, however the said milk is not available in the philippines. Its only available in the usa and outside of the phils. Since honey will be going here by next month… “unta madayon” I was thinking maybe he can bring some. When I told him about it yesterday, he was worried too and said he will try to find it in the malls there. This morning we checked the weight of faith in the internet if she is really not normal, however when we search for it in the online chart she is actually normal! what the heck! wala pa ko katulog gabii. for 5 months its 5.7-8.8kg and for six months it’s 6.2 to 9.6 kg. shes still 5 months and shes already 6.1 kg. grrrr. I was not able to slept last night for I keep on waking her up to drink her milk.. good thing faith followed, drink her milk and did not cry. so now I’m a bit relieved at least she is normal haaaay sometimes doctors are exaggerated, lol anyway we also found another links about babies this can help me in the future.. and even you who knows.

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