Secret Names

After preparing mj to school and taking good care of faith, finally I am free to chat with terry, as we chatted he discovered a website in which you can reveal your secret name, In Elvish Faith is Alatariel Telrúnya, for mj it is Maranwë Oronar, for me, I am Inwë Oronar, and terry is Orophin Telrúnya. interesting isn’t it? now how about this? in hobbit.. my name is Melilot Gamgee-Took of Bywater, mj is Lily Gamgee-Took of Bywater, faith is Iris Gamgee-Took of Bywater and terry is Sancho Gamgee-Took of Bywater. you want to try? come on in and reveal your secret name just like what we did hehehe…

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