Long serious talk…

After the long conversation this morning, at last we came up to a decision of the venue, we choose 24th thats sunday of course, and we will be staying there from 23rd to 25th. We choose the Crown Regency as the reception. by next week I’ll be busy with getting a cedula for the permit of our parish parish priest, We will go either Sta. Ana Church or Redemptorist Church. When Terry arrived we will going to have interview and seminar’s for the ninang. I already have the list though so we will just need to make an invitation cards for those who are invited. I hope no gate crasher hehehe or else we will be dead. Cheryl suggested to put something in the invitation card so to control the visitors. I hope there will be no hassle too for the date of the baptismal will fall to Kadayawan Festival, so there will be parades and programs be held in downtown area, and it will caused traffic too. I pray things will go smoothly.

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