My sad afternoon

My sister merlyn went to travel for their small corporation is having a satellite today, together with her previous co worker. I asked our neighbor Manang Josie to look after faith as I will go to fetch up MJ. When I’m about to leave faith suddenly woke up, so I hand her to Manang Josie said I’ll be in a hurry to fetch my eldest daughter. Faith suddenly felt new to Manang Josie, she started to cry while looking at her. I was already outside when I heard her loud cry. Her cries crushed my heart into pieces as I continued to walk.When I arrived at Mj school, I immediately looked for her, I already found her school bag near the security post however she wasn’t there, so I have to go inside yet. There she was, standing looking for playmates. I approached her and said let’s go…

At home, I found faith sobbing… Manang Josie put her already in the hammock for she said faith didn’t stop crying since I went out. Faith looked at me then she cried so loud, seems like she was saying naaaaaaahhh ma, why did you leave me???? I carried her and let her head lean on my shoulder. still she didn’t calmed. How I wish she understand when I said “It’s ok faith I’m here I never leave you, I just left for I have to fetch ate mj or else she will be alone in the school… you won’t like to have ate mj left in the school right? I know you love ate mj baby faith”.

After a while she went to sleep, I went to the kitchen to check mj’s lunch box. I found it still full of rice! She didn’t eat her lunch! grrrrrrrrrrrr. she is already so thin. I called her with an anger voice, she went near and said she ran out of time the reason why she wasn’t able to eat properly. I commanded her to eat at 4 pm grrr… and as a punishment I said no going out instead sleep after eating.. good thing she followed, sometimes its really hard for me to take good care of the two at the same time, I love them both though and I want to give my time equally to them.

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