Editor in chief

I would have never thought that my niece would be elected as the chief editor of her school’s filipino newspaper. She was asking me what to do and how to make one journal. Lol I never was even a member of a school newspaper before, I was just a loyal plain student hehehe.

I belong to general section in public school, second to the special section? I don’t know for theres no second or third or anything like that in our school, In general section, you can find the average student and the not so average lol, we were not exposed to any activity such as that, we were limited. The special section were the competent in academics and our extracurricular activities.

Ooopss… I think I’m out of topic.. anyway, I am just so proud of this girl, even sometimes she is so stubborn and lazy. She is trying to make her studies fair.. Two thumbs up!


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  1. vhiel says:

    hey mommy congrats…. do you have any logo that you want to use for your blog?

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