My Lovestory

Though I did not win this contest, its always my pleasure to post my story in momgen4u site. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to share my love story.

Anyway, thank you to those who voted my share and to those who read also, thank you for spending your time… Just remember “Love is never tired of waiting; love is kind; love has no envy; love has no high opinion of itself, love has no pride”

To those who were not able to read, heres my share!

Each one of us has different story of how, what, where and when we found our true love, mine is complicated… Actually I already wrote my love story in the notepad at work, and all of my workmates read that one already, I wrote it because I wanted to share that even the hopes I had was just one strand in my hair however I never gave up of Finding One True Love. If I put all the details of my love story here we will need chapter 2 and 3 so to make it a little short this was what happen:

I already long for a family since then, for I don’t have parents at all since I was in my 1st grade. When I graduated in college with my own determination I fell in love with a wrong man that made me a single mom, however even it was hard for me to raise up a kid on my own, I continued my journey with my baby. Until I was introduced by a friend of a match making in the net, I joined, and met few men out there. And got hurt in the end. You know the feeling of how painful it is however you can’t show it for your baby felt it too? Yes MJ knows if I’m hurt or not, that’s why I kept my feeling inside. I cried so loud in silence.

I was discourage though because even how true you are, there were still people whose kindness of the face is a façade that when they turn their back on you, they have another plan, and that is of just making you a fool. Year of 2006 that was October, after how many years of praying in St. Jude Parish here in Davao, my prayers was heard. I was depressed and tired of trying to find someone who would accept me as what I am and what I’m not. I wrote this poem in the website I joined:

No matter how many times
that I rewind
The good and bad memories in my mind
Can’t seem to get used to, this “new” me
full of hurt; some regret, reality

Felt it was coming, just didnt know when
The way I feel can no longer pretend
for theres more to the story, than whats being told
the he said she said its getting old

Time for a change, Im tired of trying
Can only do so much, did too much crying
In the midst of my confusion,
This much I know
I still long to hear someone say
I dont want you to go

I didn’t know that there’s someone out there, a good soul who read my poem with all his heart, I caught his attention of what I wrote and he said to himself “this girl is sincere… at first we were just being casual, just say hi and hello, I thought he was just a passing by friend, a friend who would see u today and never see u tomorrow and the next day, At that time he came to my life, I was a bit confused, I have some reasons and I don’t want to be unfair. I asked Terry to wait for me if he can, and he said yes, he understand for I never lied to him. It was late October when I went again to St. Jude Parish and ask for guidance, just a little sign for me to know. I was surprised when I received a bunch of flowers in my bday, a bunch of red roses in the basket, and a card. It was from Terry, I was crying at that time and asked was he the one I’ve waited for so long? I had never received any flowers from anyone, I was like floating in the air. I was in heaven.

I said thank you the next day we chatted, while we were chatting I have a friend from Missouri whom sometimes I confided on, I told him about Terry. She said why don’t I give it a try. He seems so sincere. After I chatted with her and Terry. I went home, however there’s something in me, saying I need to do something in my life. A change.

I called Terry at 12 midnight though he was snoring he answered my call. Even though a little bit scared I asked: If Ill say yes will it be forever? And he answered “ My dream is to have a family and to share my life with the person I love and can be one with them and accept them in to my life and I promise that you will be my first treasure and that all promises made before GOD are irrevocable and I will not go from you. I belong to you. I cried and said Yes.. He replied immediately I love you and I replied back “ I love you, too.

I thought things will be now easy, He would book his flight as we agreed to and go and see me here, however we’ve been tested. Two days before he will come here. He was delivered to hospital for his right foot was swelling and its hard for him to even walk. The doctor advised him not to travel yet. So we post pone his flight from January to March, He was so excited to tell me even I saw him like he was sick, that on the day after tomorrow we will be seeing each other finally, but when he was already in the airport he was detected that he has a flu and he cannot get into the plane, he called me and said “I’m sorry, but I want to tell you, I won’t give up… So we post pone again the flight from March to April… now this was the worst, he forgot his ticket when he was there at the airport, he went back home to get the ticket, however when he got back to the airport, The plane was not there already… when he called me I felt like a pail of water was thrown on me. I was really upset. Really, really upset. You know what holds me? His promise… His promise of we will gonna make a family and we will love each other forever. Yes I didn’t let go, I love him… I don’t care of the cancelled flights, I don’t care of what my other friends were saying all I care was that this feelings and I know.. I can feel it that he loves me as much as I love him. 21st of May… As we agreed of his final flight, He called me in San Francisco and said “ I am on my way” the next day As I was sleeping yet in the pad of my workmate, I received a call from him saying… “I’m already here, in the airport…” I woke up my workmate and said I gotta go.. he’s here… Though I was late, when I came to the airport he gave me a warm smile and a tight hug… Finally we made it!

As promised he gave me our engagement ring on the day he arrived. Now, though we still have trials, we remain firm and strong for our fortress is our little faith who was just born last February 8 and our brave mj. By the way he accepted mj as his daughter.

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  1. genny says:

    Hi Anne kahilak gyd ko ana imo story ba kay nindot heheh sagdi wa ka kadaug basin sunod…Naa ko contest sa lahi nako nga blog pero di sa ko sugod ron basin next week or so adto lang unya bisita asa gani ka ron puyo?

  2. adei says:

    hi sis ang sweet naman ng story mo parang I want to believe and hold on to love and not turn my back on it…thanks for sharing I want to find that love you have found but like you sometimes I don’t want to believe anymore…

  3. genny says:

    Congratulations pod…

  4. jHeLea says:

    you’re love story is very inspiring sis…God is really good…you’ve been through a lot but look at you now you’re happy with your life….btw, tnx 4 d add, i’ve added u also

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