Gosh! I spent my few hours just to put the scrollbar in my blogspot. thank god! faith still taking her long nap this afternoon, maybe she knows I have to do something here. Its not easy though waaah lol! If I haven’t knew some of the codes to put the names inside of the scrollbar. I will never make it! Plus I need to sort out the site of my cherubs to copy and paste it to my scrollbar, anyway even this is hard and I got sweat all over (for I didn’t take a bath yet lol..) its too hot in here too, however I have to do my best to at least my little home will be look like a little nice. good luck to me, I think I will be spending my whole afternoon here. I hope my brother in law will not used yet the computer or I have to kick my butt away from the computer. I still have to post a thank you message to those who voted my little baby and my story .. give me time, after this I promised to post something here, hehehe. I just have to finished this one, please spare me hehehe. To Vhiel thank you so much for sharing us the codes of the scrollbar.. You are really the best…

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