Thank you po!

To all who voted my baby in the search for the cutest baby in vhielscorner thank you so much! I believed all the babies are cute though, so for me all the babies are the winners. Theres no losers for they are all angels. Even they have different characteristics and beauties, still they are special gifts from GOD to all the mom’s. whatever dress they wore it maybe cheap or expensive, or what pose they have when we’re taking them pictures, it might be the not too good looking or the prettiest. still they possessed the cuteness.

My kids are my treasures, I’ll always be there to protect them. I will shield them my cares and love. As a mom, I can defeat even the strong winds or a heavy storms. For I am always the mom and forever will be to them.

Once again thank you very much for viewing my little faith and the votes you shared, It is really my honor as a mom. Lastly, thank you vhiel. Because of you my little faith was at least explored in the world of blogging and internet. as well as not only the cute baby however the very precious to mom. Congratulations too who won the contest, to hunks joshua and ethan take care always kiddo!

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  1. vhiel says:

    hey… thanks for the mention on your post and faith is really a cute little angel.. i missed those times when my baby was still a baby baby.. she is growing really fast and wants to be independent most of the time…

    by the way, did you get the email i sent you with the badge on it.. i went ahead and added the badge… check it out if you have time.. its the one with the bike.. 😉

    also I have another contest coming up… shoes and custom domain are at stake. hehehe…

    have a great weekend missy.

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