27 and 17

Yesterday, when I went out to pay my sss loan and contribution voluntarily. I was happy not to see many people around, a miraculous moment for all the establishment I went to yesterday was very crowded, that you should wait for your number to be called, fall in line and wait for your turn.So I was like, at least sss is not bombarded with a lot of people. Lol, smiling but wondering as I step inside. Ay sus Ginoo! offline diay! grrrr lol, however I was still thankful though for it was not the counter I have to go to pay. It was the other counter.

When I look the number stated at the automated flashing machine, It was still 231 to 240. I glimpse at the piece of paper I was holding, I was yet on 27 wahhh.

A woman smiled seated ahead of me, I smiled back though… then all of a sudden she handed me a piece of paper, it was indeed a number, she got two numbers.. the other one is number 4 and the one she handed me is 17, she said “sa’ yo na yan” good thing I smiled back. If not, I’ll be staying there forever… (hehehe I know I am exaggerating) I’ll be staying for like 3 hours instead of two hours if I haven’t got the number 17…

Mj uttered whisperingly “thank you.”

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  1. adei says:

    mau nlng jud naay but.an nga soul nagshare sa imo ug number…mao jud bitaw taas jud linya bisag asa basta government offices

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