My first time to have a logo and of course its the courtesy of my very kind co blogger vhiel.

Thank you so much girl! I didn’t know about logo or even how to make one… Its my pleasure for you to spend your time to make this very cute and wonderful logo for my little home. You are not just a simple co blogger but a very nice friend too, no wonder when I browse your page you’ve got a lot of comments from a million of bloggers out there and a list of so many precious friends. Thank you too for letting me a part of your journey in blogging.

Beginning today, I’ll used my logo in my day to day life here, my badge would be the identification of my little home. (so if my little home will lost somewhere, It has now an identification badge, to know it belong to me.

A million of thanks to marvelous vhiel it is not enough though. But still let me say A very many many thanks!

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One Response to “Logo”

  1. vhiel says:

    oy… missy thanks for the kind words.. hehehe…

    thank you, thank you thank you… (with matching “bow”)

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