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To all Mommies in the world: Beware!

Just reposting this from one of my contact in multiply: I thought we have to be aware of the yaya’s nowadays, and be cautious of choosing one….

I usually only post announcement for events related to the operations of Chubby Cheeks. However, I feel that a lot of our contacts, mostly moms, would be able to relate to what happened to us this morning, and would be more careful in hiring household help.

I have been cancelling and rescheduling my meet ups for a week now because my old yaya left last Monday, leaving me to take care of Chloe full time. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy taking care of Chloe, but I need to work, and I need someone who’ll watch her while I’m working. So I tried a different agency, one which came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my mom and my other friends. Three days later, the agency called and asked if I’d be interested in interviewing an applicant. Sure, send her over right away, I said.

When I met Aying, she looked like the typical yaya you’d want to stay with you forever. She looked mabait and was very soft spoken when I talked to her. According to her, she’s had 10+ years experience in taking care of kids. Her so-called last alaga was only 9 months when she started working there. By the time she left, her alaga was already 4 years old. So after asking all the usual yaya questions, we hired her. She started work Thursday.

I should have listened to the alarm bells in my head the first time she started forgetting the things I told her. I told her to prepare apples for Chloe’s dessert. Five minutes later, she came up to me and asked me to repeat it, because she forgot. Okaaaaaaaaaay… I can deal with a forgetful yaya. I’ll just be vigilant in repeating myself.

On her third day at work (Saturday), I told her around 5.30 pm to have dinner early, so she can feed Chloe at around 6.30pm, before Mike and I went out. So she gave Chloe a warm bath (and didn’t throw away the bath water) and gave Chloe to me to breastfeed. I breastfed Chloe and slept na rin at the same time. I woke up 6.45 pm, and was wondering why she still hadn’t knocked on our door to fetch Chloe for her supper. When I asked her, she forgot daw kasi. Okaaaay… again, I’ll just be vigilant. And will just pray for patience.

Sunday morning, the dirty bath water still hadn’t been thrown away. I told her to give Chloe a bath. I expected her to clean and rinse the bath tub before she fills it up with clean water. Noooooooo… she just added warm water to the already dirty bath water. Wha?!?! Wha??! WTF?!?!?

Trying to control myself, I asked her in Tagalog, “Isn’t the bath water dirty from last night?” And as expected, she laughed and covered her face and answered, “Ay nakalimutan ko!”


Mike and I agreed that we were going to let her go Monday morning. But she still had a 20% placement fee that we had paid for in advance. Fine, fine… I can live with her until Thursday, para naman she has money for transportation when we fire her.

Monday morning, I told her to prepare potatoes and beef. As expected, minutes later, she couldn’t remember what I just said a few effing minutes ago! So I repeated. This was around 8am. Cook the potatoes, mash the potatoes, then add the beef that has been passed through the Osterizer. Very clear and simple.

8.20 am, I heard her using the blender. Amazed with how fast the potatoes were cooked, I went down to check.

I took culinary classes under Chef Gene Gonazales in Cafe Ysabel, and Chef Gene constantly reminded us to always, ALWAYS cook the potatoes well. And to always wash our hands after handling raw potatoes (and other root crops for that matter), because raw potatoes are toxic and can cause food poisoning.

So back to the story. I asked her if the potatoes had been cooked well. And I was not prepared for the answer – SHE FORGOT TO COOK THE POTATOES.

How does anyone forget to cook the potatoes?!?!?! But then again, how does anyone forget to fill the bath tub with clean water??!?!

So I asked her,

“Aying, seryoso ka ba? Hindi mo niluto? Papatayin mo anak ko?!?!”

My God.

If I hadn’t checked, she would’ve fed the raw potatoes to Chloe.

And I refuse to imagine how that would’ve turned out.

So I fired her on the spot.

I later learned that she told our other maid that she can hear voices in her head. And thinks that our daughter is possessed by evil spirits when she smiles. OH MY GOD. I can’t believe I allowed this mentally retarded person in our house.

Her full name: Elmira Alfarero, 32 years old, single, pleasant looking.

On her way out, she didn’t FORGET to get her salary. She forgot that she still owed us her 20% deductible placement fee though. Har har har har.

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A Butterfly in the Morning

I woke up with faith’s squirming and mj tapping of hand on my shoulder, trying to tell me of the cute butterfly flying around the bedroom. I gave faith a milk so she can go back to sleep, since it is already 6 am, I told mj to go to take a bath.

This butterfly was inside of the house since last night. When my sister went inside of the bedroom to change faith’s clothes, the butterfly followed them inside…

I thought the butterfly went outside already however its there inside until morning, seems like watching us while we were sleeping.

The color of the butterfly is somewhat brown and white. The old folks said if a butterfly will be going inside of your house. Someone whom you haven’t seen for quiet a while will come to see you, its either a relative, love one, or a friend. Well honey will be coming here, so maybe thats what the butterfly wanted to tell us… hehehe

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