A Night with Mj and Faith

Last two nights, me and mj agreed to have little bonding with taking pictures in my phone, Faith just woke up at that time and dont seem like to sleep immediately. Even she’s busy with her own thing, squirming and rolling on the bed, however when we focused my cellphone to us, and mj was preparing her pose, faith also stopped squirming and moving, shes starting to pose in the cam though.

It was a nice night with us, according to mj its only daddy who was lacking for us to have a perfect bond. Well daddy said, not for much longer.

I am hoping though that one day we will be together as one happy family… Were always praying for it and I know God will hear us soon.

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  1. Foreign-Marriages says:

    Hi anne

    Your lucky to have children of your own.So happy for you. Just checking here…

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