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My Homepage

Whew! anhirap…. Its true that it is indeed a hard job to beautify a homepage… You have to know all the codes of a certain border or a box. I made ok though, Its not as beautiful as the other homepage however I am proud of it! because I’m the one who made it… with sweat all over “kasi hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako naliligo hehehe job well done sana magustuhan ito ni honey hehehe… if you want to check my site just click here —–> My Homepage

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at 6 months

– I can grabbed things around
– I am easy to pleased
– I am always drooling
– I like to listen to music which mom’s played
– I am always amazed if mom’s reads me a book
– I always rolled over in the bed that I almost fell off once.
– I can put weight in my knees for how many mins
– I like to play in my crib
– I complained if I get bored playing in the crib
– I am becoming camera addict just like ate mj
– I respond to smiles especially if thats from ate mj
– I like to talk like uh ah hmm ne ne na, aje, and ayen uhmm an sometimes
– I am opening my hands when ate mj sang close, open, close, open and 1,2, 3
– I am drinking milk really fast
– My tooth is beginning to show up in front.Our pics together with ate mj and mama last August 8, 2008… yeheyy I am getting bigger.

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