Question and Answer

A tag ten question from my friend Genny. Thank you girl, this may help my friends online to know me more.

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Rule: Leave a comment on this post once you finished answering the tag and I will add your BLOG on the master list.

1. Are you single? yes, but engaged already
2. Are you happy about that? yes but I will be happier if we are already get married.
3. Are you bored? sometimes
4. Are you sad? sometimes
5. Are you Italian? No
6. Are you plastic? sometimes if I needed to so not to hurt anyone
8. Are you cool? i guess
9. Are you Chinese? no
10. What are you? a woman:)

1. Initials →MRB
2. Nicknames → Anne and Mary
3. Birth place → Surigao del Sur
4. Hair color → brown
5. Age → 30
6. Eye color → Brown
7. Birthday → October 23, 1977
8. Mood → Tired
9. Favorite color? → blue and pink
10. Left or right handed? → Right

1. Love or money? Of course both ;)
2. Hard liquor or beer? Ice tea without ice hehehe
3. Cats or dogs? Cats
4. A few best friends or many regular friends? One bestfriend and a lot of special friends
5. Television or Internet? Internet!
6. Pepsi or coke? coke
7. Wild night out or romantic night? Romantic Night of course
8. Money or Happiness? Happiness
9. Night or day? day
10. IM or phone? Phone
1. Smile or eyes? Smile
2. Light or dark hair? any
3. Hugs or kisses? Both
4. Intelligence or attraction? Both
5. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship
6. Trust or love? Both
7. Long distance or close? Close
8. Call or text? Call
9. Older or younger? Older
10. Looks or Personality? Personality

1. Last phone call you made? Terry
2. Last phone call you received? Cheryl
3. Last person/people you hung out with?
4. Last person to text you? Terry
5. Last person you tickled? Faith
6. Last person you IM? Terry
7. Last person you hugged? Faith and MJ
8. Last person you slept with? Mj, Faith, Mariel
9. Last person you laughed with? Terry
10. Last dream you can remember? My cousin cocoy, in my dream he was thrown a pail of water

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I will pass this to: Kirsti-come let’s talk, Chrissy. Thank you guys.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you sa tag Anne…will make one soon 😉 take care


  2. Chikai says:

    i have added you on the list! 🙂

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