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Thank You Kirsti Campbell!

Last night as Terry and me were done chatting, I got a message from Kirsti Campbell in one of my entry here, that she will post the instruction on how to put the code for the background completely.

Terry resize the picture of the background so to cover up around my blogspot body text, however as I observing it. It was slowly to load.

I read Kirsti’s post in “Changing Background Instruction” and followed the procedure clearly. Hola! when I preview it, the background I desired replace the previous background. HAHAHAHAHA!!! so that was it…. I just need to add repeat; color: $MaintextColor; after the url of my desired background.

So as I was too excited to edit it… I have tried all the background code that’ll looked nice in my page. So far the pink one with a bubble in it looks cool to me. Then after, I helped sister to put the background she likes too in her blogspot.

I made those background correctly, it is because of no other than Kirsti Angeli Campbell your name really fits on you girl, an angel whose so kind to share what she knew. How generous you are! I am so lucky I have a friend like you here in cyberworld…

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Its been like how many days that I have tried to figure out the background codes. Kirsti have done a good job though for sending me a message on how and where to put the url of the background I desired. It was still difficult for me though for when I replaced the original url in the template. It change only a small spot in my background…. I’ve spent so many hours and tried everything however I failed! until honey came to the rescue hehehe. When he found out I had a hard time doing the background this afternoon, when he was online. He suggested to send him the the picture to resize it in which I did also the editing in photobucket to show the url of the picture I want as a background.

So as you may see. My background change to the courtesy first of my online friend Kirsti, thank you so much girl for the instruction and for sharing me your knowledge about those codes without you I will never make it… and to my honey, who spent his valuable time to help me having those background to appear in my blogspot.. Having a kulit wife is not easy though however thank you hon for always being there for me… muah muah muah!

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Techno Christmas 2008

This will help your technorati and PR to increase. I hope before Christmas I will get more PR on this blog. So if you like your pr and Technorati to improve get this viral linking….

*Start Copy Here*

You do not have to be tagged to play along. This game is simple and so here are the rules.


2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post the “Techno Christmas 2008” at each site you add.

3. You have a choice to tag or not to tag, however, the more tags you create the longer the list will grow.

4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving a comment HERE, so I can add you to the master list.

5. Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often as you can. This will allow the new comers to achieve equal benefit as the late comers do.

6. Watch your Authority Rise

7. You may want to grab the Techno Christmas Badge

A Message From My Heart

Please follow the rules. Blogs in the list will be subject to removal if their lists are not updated. I will check all of the blogs once a week.


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Now i will pass this to the following bloggers please keep this going…..
kirsti-come let’s talk, chelle-My Life’s Journey in Italy, Eva-chronicles of boredom

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At The End Of Time

What if time will come, this world we are living now will be crushed and disappear slowly and that we will be transferred to a certain planet, to worsen we will be traveling in the universe for like how many years and to preserve our age we will be put in a “specialized freezer” to be paralyzed for like decades.

What if when its time to open up your freezer and then they found you couldn’t move and breath co’z you are already dead. What if some of your family are alive. Will you take the chances of going there? Even you are not sure, if you will still alive when you step out in that freezer ready to face the new planet prepared for you.

Weird? Isn’t it? As I keep on reading the book entitled “The world at the end of time” of Fredirick Pohl… I feel the weirdness, though amazed of the story.

As for me, if things like this will happen though this kind of moving will be a great annoyance to me specially with this freezer thing, paralyzing your whole body for decades, I will take the chances still as long as my family are alive and intact when I wake up and as long as that “planet” is livable. Though I hope when a new colony will start, it is better than what we have now.

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