After ten days…

Hi guys, I am back from our little vacation here in davao, we have a great time with my honey of course, both me and the kids. When he arrived last thursday at August 21st, after we checked in the hotel, ( The Crown Regency), we immediately went to the church to settle things and be interviewed.

Well things went well though, Sister Margarita who conducted us the interview even we are already late for the baptismal on sunday, three days to go from the day we were interviewed. She still approved us that made terry gave her one box of chocolate hehehe.

After church we get home for the kids. Terry and Faith bonded immediately at first Faith felt strange to have him around but after Terry gave him the oreo. She looked at him intently and smiled.

Today, I just send my husband to the airport, He gave our faith and mj a kiss and wiped my tears for I was teary eyed again. He said he is not going home until me, him and the kids are together. He just go to work…

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3 Responses to “After ten days…”

  1. lifemarriagekids says:

    HI ANNE,

    glad you and your girls had a wonderful time with daddy.before long you and your girls will be back home where he is…

    by the way i added you on my blogworms.hope you dont mind.thanks.

  2. jHeLea says:

    I’m glad you’re back in the blogging world girl….goodbyes are really heartbreaking!!!!…..keep on hoping and trusting God that one day your family will be together…for the mean time be thankful for the opportunity God gave you that you were able to spend time with your beloved Terry

  3. genny says:

    yes its true pray lang gyd ta always man God hear us. I am happy that you have a good time with Terry and kids. Hmm i just remember my moments when i and hubby was there. don’t worry time will come nia naka diri sa USA. Anyways, naa koy award nimo Anne.

    My award for you

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