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When He Arrived

Our first picture at home on the first day he arrived

Playing around the restaurant during dinner time

There is no exact words to describe of how happy I was, when my family is complete. I felt more home and contented. When Terry was here we have the best moments ever as a family of course when you know they are just there with you, it will always the best. All the giggles, laugh, and smiles will always be treasured in my heart, they were maybe just the simple one’s but for me we had the perfect time together.

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I just have some thoughts that I might be surprised in some other days. Though we were sure specially me that things will going to be better. I hope it will soon come out. That whatever in my mind now will not be real. Coz I took it seriously however what if??? Will we be ready?

Scared and Confused is what with me now. I just hope we will overcome of whatever it is will going to happen. I just want for us to be together. So we get more strength as we faces storms and trials in life. So to be comfortable and not to worry much for he is around with us.

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Kind Blogger Award

Its my first award ever since the day I got back lol so I have to grab it quick. Thanks Genny for giving me this Kind Blogger Award. Its very nice of you to include me in your lists. I’d like also to share this award to my very kind friends.

Here are the rules:
1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Now i will give this award to the following:
Hanna Raissa, liezlmarie, Melody Schifano, Mariz, and Mitch. Thank you guys, I hope you will play along….

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Its Ber Again

What the! The time flies so fast. Its starting to get ber… (September) here in the philippines, the celebration of christmas always starts with September. You can now see some stores displaying Christmas Trees, Decorations for Christmas. Santa Claus at Doors.

You can feel the spirits of christmas when you go out at dawn (not naman as early as 2 am ha?) 5 am would be ok. The cool air touches your skin and the smell is something. Ber na naman….

Christmas is approaching…

When I was in college as I was assigned in Speech Laboratory as a working scholar at school. When I have time to be alone in the laboratory. The moment I switch on the karaoke we had in the office and I could hear the Christmas Songs played in a certain music station. My tears rolled down my cheeks. I don’t know why. But every time christmas was approaching before, cant helped to cry, I felt so all alone. I was longing for a family then with mama and papa beside me.
But you just couldn’t take back the time or change the fate. They’re gone and you couldn’t take back their lives. Its the fate.

But now, all the feelings of being alone, was faded since I got them. My family. Even Terry have to be away for this season, He still seems like near to us, for we never missed a single day not seeing in the cam or chatting in the net. We always have time for that.

Ber na naman, Things though went differently now as I noticed. You can’t already hear children sang a christmas carol in the neighborhood when September 1 strikes unlikely before you can encounter them even as early as the said month.

Everything changed, Life is apparently radical. From being alone and lonely, now I can always face the christmas season with joy and happiness in my heart. Though you won’t hear the carolers in September’s which is understandable with our economy situation now. I’m sure we can still hear christmas songs played in music station at the said day.

Even things just changed and never be the same again as before. I believed the most important thing in life is to have your family beside you during “The Occasion” and that’s how good life can be. It will never be compare. Family is the best christmas gift ever!

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