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I Miss The Call Floor

I never thought I’m going to miss it for when I was still working there. I always was thinking to resign. It is true indeed that when you are used to do things you had been dealing for almost two years, no matter how you hated it before you will truly long for it.

When I went there yesterday, I imagined again myself running towards the stairs so I will not be logging in late. I had to log in first to my time keeping programmed in the computer so I will get paid. As I was typing my user name and pass code my hands were shaking for It was almost my shift and I should not be late.

At 2 am, just then I finished my meal in our canteen, I felt too sleepy that I just want to stay and lie down in the sofa located in decompression. Even my nap was not yet enough to struggle with the calls from the technicians, I have to get up or else the Traffic will be calling my attention again and will report another Immediate Attention grounds for CF to our supervisor. Thank GOD I had a very understanding supervisor back then, that she seldom issued those CF’s for her agent.

I miss the call floor, I miss the cramming going upstairs when we were almost had Over Break from Aux 2. (30 mins break) and that if there was a pregnant agent will take the elevator we were very happy to join in so not to have our tongue out if we take the stairs from the first floor to the fourth floor running.

It was so tiresome when I was there yet, but those moments remained in my thoughts, that I have never expected I will miss it so.

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Recent Comments Posted

Yahoo! I had it posted already in my sidebar thank you! thank you! Jhlea for giving me such tip, thank you for replying my post below.

I found the recent comments board at as Jhlea suggested in I thought it was that hard but uh uh it was not, I just copy and paste the code and place my url in the red spot as it was indicated.”>

Ok, I think you may have confusions about the code.

I would suggest you visit Bloggerbuster Page. The links will be directed to recent comments widget.

As I’d like to post the code here but the page wont allow me to, anyway you can find more interesting widgets there.

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We Just Can’t Make It Right!

I would like to have a widget for recent comments here in my blog. However though I tried it a lot of times regarding with the codes and the like. I just can’t make it right…

I already done with Widgets for Free but it seems like it still doesn’t work.

I studied the Widgets For Recent Comments Of Vhiel. and asked honey to help me out with the code. We already put our blog url < ....src= …..> in the orange color as what the intruction was. But it seems like the recent comments did not show up.

Will I wait for like hours for it to appear the recent comments widgets? Wahhh what will I do? I am just so damn not good of following instruction LOL. Incoherently I hope you can help me on this… hehehe.

I already send a message to vhiel, I know she will reply. I just posted this here so at least if there were more suggestions about the code I might can simply follow.

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