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Yahoo! I had it posted already in my sidebar thank you! thank you! Jhlea for giving me such tip, thank you for replying my post below.

I found the recent comments board at as Jhlea suggested in I thought it was that hard but uh uh it was not, I just copy and paste the code and place my url in the red spot as it was indicated.”>

Ok, I think you may have confusions about the code.

I would suggest you visit Bloggerbuster Page. The links will be directed to recent comments widget.

As I’d like to post the code here but the page wont allow me to, anyway you can find more interesting widgets there.

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6 Responses to “Recent Comments Posted”

  1. Vhiel says:

    good for you.. i just read your comments on my blog… congratulations.. 🙂

  2. anne says:

    hehehe thank you vhiel, I thought I cant have one pero anjan na lol… kahit na ano basta anjan lol

  3. Kirsti says:

    Wow, may Recent Comments widget na si Ate 😉

    Yung tungkol po sa airlines te, ang alam kong medyo di kamahalan ay Asia.Com na airline..Yun po kase yung nasakyan ng kaibigan ko nung nag-OJT sya sa Singapore..Nung nagpunta po ako ng Malaysia, Cebu Pacific po yung sinakyan ko kase nonstop sya at mura din..Pero sabi nung kaibigan ko, mas mura sa Asia.Com or yung Tiger something na airline..

  4. anne says:

    Hi Kirsti wala yata yang office dito. gusto kasi ni terry na ako directed talaga sa office ayaw niya ng online baka may aberya I’m planning pa naman to bring faith with me. I have tried the Cebu Pacific 16,500 baka yun na lang kunin namin.

  5. jHeLea says:

    conratz girl for making it….next na ilagay mo top commenters….hehehe

  6. anne says:

    hehehe gurl parang alam ko na kung sino… winks whinks 😉

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