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Here I Am Again

Stuck in my own little world. I supposed to go out today to get Faith’s Tax Exempt in Department Office of Tourism. However I have to stay at home, I have to watch after the workers who works for our fence outside. It’s not that I don’t trust in them which is obviously I’m not lol. But I just have to be on guard for they might just waste the materials or get some of it for their personal used.

I’d been expending a lot for this fence and apparently I don’t have extra at all. Even the money sent from yesterday was added for today’s expense. Grrrrr… If only I still have work I might be not think this hard of where will I get some extra for our daily needs. I mean I still have some here but it’s the payment for the workers once they’re done.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I would find a space from my whole day to get the Tax Exempt of Faith for her trip.

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