Fried Chicken In The Morning

Kuya James wasn’t able to wake up early this morning for he went home so late last night. It was a bit late already that I woke up so I prepared suddenly the only frozen food we have in our refrigerator. I got MJ woke up too at the same time and asked her to hurry up taking her bathe for her “motor pool” will be coming over any minute now.

Since I cannot think of anything yet what to do with the chicken I came up with a very simple idea and thats to fry it. My Honey’s always favorite 🙂

Even it is but simple it was still over cooked though not all for I chatted with honey at the same time and preparing MJ for school. Ooopss this time I got her snack inside of her lunch box ok? hehehehe

Although it was over cooked kids still ate it well we don’t have any viand left so they have to be patience with it. To my surprised the fried chicken reach up to lunch yet.

I have to go now for I have to get the Tax Exempt of Faith and will go to Cebuana Lhullier real quick too.

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