Feeling Pain

I just attended my daughter’s activity at school. It is a Parent’s Sportsfest so every parents have to be there though some were just after the attendance so they’re kids can earn some extra points for their grades but some really participated. I thought they will let the kids to join the games. I thought its a Parents and the kids kind of program. It was not! The kids were just the audience now as their parents will rock the floor and will ready to ramble.

Since I was there already, I volunteer to join the Volleyball Team when they were calling for more players in our group. Since its one of my favorite sports. I raise my hand to join. Although it has been so long that I haven’t played the game, in my thought I said why don’t I give it a try? I’m sure all of us just wanted to have fun and was not really serious of winning it. Though ok we desired to win.

As the sun strikes directly to us, we were sweating to death. Thank GOD I brought a cap with me to at least cover my face from the flaming sunlight.

But later on as the game was getting very serious. I removed my cap while running back and forth in the court trying to hit the ball. I started then to get drowsy, thirsty and shaking.

My legs were! I could not even barely walk at the end of the game and my arms were swelling a bit.

But the thing that you have your body move a lot and you had fun, I don’t have complain at all.

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    Hi anne!Ba’t di kita na add sa blogger,pero sa multiply friend tayo.
    c merce ito…
    happy sunday!
    add kita sa blogger,okey lang?

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