Advance Baking Class

I admit I don’t have talent in cooking, Thats why I am so thankful that Terry know how to cook or else we will die for starving. I mean, I know some it is only but simple. In short I can only cook fried chicken, fried pork, and fried fish… A vegetable with kalamungay or squash and green beans.

I always dreamed of cooking like chef cook does. With all the ingredients gather around the table, slicing here and there, and with a procedure to follow. I like to know when and how to put some special seasoning in a certain food. I’d like to know all.

So I enrolled myself in Advance Baking Class. I know it is far from what I said above. but as soon as I step inside of the advance baking classroom to supposedly inquire about where to ask an enrollment fee for cooking. My goodness, The cake smells so good. It was really so tempting. I change my mind right away! I’d like to try the Advance Baking Class. Even I don’t know the basic but Clarinda said we can jump into Advance Baking Class since basic is merely more on simple steps that I could learn it my own.

My God! I am just so excited for this coming Saturday for I will be able to learn those stuff about in how to make a very palatable appetizing cake. Wish I will be able to bake a cake of one of those recipe on Saturday to Terry so at least he will be proud of me in terms of kitchen stuff.

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