My Beloved Three Column Template

Finally! I made it, I have my new simple three column template ever. I’d been trying to make this things work out and tonight is a success with my new header too. I have inserted a picture in it with me and my beloved honey. Of course with the help of Kuya James. He was the one who have edited the size of the header using the Corel Draw.

I have no talent in Corel Draw. The application is so confusing and so complicated. Good timing Kuya James came home just right on time when I was about to throw the computer in our wall. Kidding. I love my computer, this has been one of my tools to communicate Terry most of the time. Aside as it is cheaper than phone. I can make money out of it too. Blogging and blogging and blogging is more likely I can think of now to make money lol.

So folks, Although I got a simple design here but do you think I deserve around of applause eh? hehehehe.

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  1. genny says:

    of you deserve you tried hard…Bravo…..

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