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Hello fellow bloggers! We just got home from school. As I would like to post the kids activities here though I just can’t. Sister Merlyn have to get home early because she have to pay their bills at home plus its her daughter’s birthday also.

So I have to be the only one to attain baby Faith and I can’t extend my time here in the computer inasmuch as I like to. I have prepared now a squash for baby faith as her dinner. I don’t know yet what will be her respond to the food. Since its her first time to taste it.

I might not be going back to log in here. So if ever you noticed that I did not yet grab your tags its all because I’m a little bit busy for the meantime.

Bye for now fellow bloggers. I promise to get back soon if I have the chance.

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2 Responses to “Short Message”

  1. mrscapricorn says:

    hello, anne!

    busy kaayo imong beauty ron.. ayo ayo diha gurl. busy sad ko diri labi na kay mag 2 weeks holiday na sa mga students. masaba na sad among balay..hehehe

  2. anne says:

    hehehe dinhi gurl permanente saba lol

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