Cheer Dance Competition

My niece Mariel join a Cheer Dance Competition at school to be presented on the day of their Intram’s. Before this event as she always came home late for their practice, we always bugged her of going home early. I even told her if the practice means of not going home on time, better yet not to join of any activities in school.

I was not being mean or trying to deprived her of anything or being active in school. I was just protecting her of any harm that could happen along the street. Its too hard to trust nowadays specially that I’d been hearing teenagers who got raped because of this and that. I don’t want to feel sorry at the end.

But she’s still persistent to join and promised us to get home early as she could if not, she will text us ahead of time. Since it is, where their grades for MAPEH base from .I said yes even though I get panic and paranoid whenever the clocks hit at 7pm and she was not yet around.

Two days before the competition. The school sent us a letter of not allowing students to have a practice outside and that they will be disqualify if they do. I confront her with the letter and said that the main point of the letter was not getting them a choreographer to teach them of the steps.

Whatever… But I told her this will be the last practice of any activity she will going to join in if that will be held outside. It is not for me though, but its her to be safe.

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7 Responses to “Cheer Dance Competition”

  1. campjk says:

    I know somehow how you feel, Ate Anne..It’s really not safe outside nowadays, especially for young and beautiful teenagers like Mariel..Danger could be anywhere..She’ll understand why you have to be firm on her when it comes to her welfare..And it’s also good to know that the school took notice of students having to practice outside school premises and after classes..It’s not really something to tolerate..I’m sure they’re given time to do practice in school..They’ll just have to make use of it..

    Kindly tell Mariel I said “ingat” πŸ™‚ she’s pretty and she dances well!!

  2. DabaMehon says:

    Lisud bitaw ning naa ta’y estudyante uy…kay maghuna-huna ta permi sa ilaha,labi na kung ma late sa pag-uli.

  3. anne says:

    Hello Kirsti yeah you are truly right girl. But sometimes teenagers can’t understand the word welfare. To them we are being to tight or being kill joy of their so called happiness. But whether she like it or not she have to deal with our way of protecting her

  4. chrissyngraham says:

    i know how you feel Anne…i have nieces too back home and they always have after school activities. ma-worried gyud ta esp. these days they have to be extra careful kay daghan na binoang di ba. your niece is lucky to have a caring aunt πŸ˜‰

  5. anne says:

    Thanks chrissy, sa akoa naman gud ni nagdako ning bataa ni…

  6. Claire says:

    hehehehe! ang taray ni LOLA!heheeh! Im a teacher mysef girl and you know that.I dont know if im just going to stick on your side coz i tell you i do understand you.The thing is with students, they dont want their piece to be seen prior to the competition so they resort to taking taking their practice outside of school premises. Some teacher just dont care and leave it all to the class to practice. But when I was still teaching at BRokenshire ako gyud mangunay mag practice sa mga bata. mao na mapas pasmo tawon ko. coz i dont want them to practice after school hours coz teachers are held responsible if they get into trouble. But dili gyud malikayan girl na mag overtime gyud mi sa skul ug prpactice but then we make it sure na naa gyud mi parental consent. mariel, nanghid gyud kay lola ha? ay kay ate diay!hehehehe!

  7. anne says:

    ang problema kay cla wala ang teacher. maytag ipnghatod sila pag panguli ang problema dili delikado baya karon ang panahon haaaaaaaaaayy

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