Milk Scam

The Chinese Milk Scandal struck many Filipinos with fear. Every one are so cautious in buying formulated milk and even buying some “pandesal” in a bakery. Bakeries were questioned of what milk they were using. Although they are already telling the public not to be panic and they were cleared already by BFAD. The people can’t still be blame of getting too paranoid of the scam.

A melamine was found on the said formulated milk normally used to make plastic. It is also used as binding agent and coating for particle, fiber and laminated board. It can be used as fertilizer too. Melamine will directly affected urines and will developed kidney stones. There are over 53,000 babies in China were reported to become ill and sent to hospital for the same reason after drinking the formulated milk.

The well known White Rabbit Candy has been tested to containing a Melamine chemical. Not only babies were affected by this scam. Near eastern China’s Hangzhou city. Two Orangutan’s and lion cub at a zoo was also diagnosed of having a kidney stones after being fed milk powder.

Meanwhile . The Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs is advising consumers to report to authorities if they come and suspected a Chinese milk products in stores, supermarkets or groceries. They are also collecting some products for testing for the presence of melanine. To know the partial list of those products just click this: BFAD.

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