Have To Sleep Early

I went out today and was disappointed with the service of BDO bank. They are so slow in processing a remittance from xoom. If I just don’t need to deposit a money on my debit card account I would rather go to Cebuana Lhuillier which is faster than them for me to get the money.

Next time I will never gonna go back there anymore. I will just go directly to Cebuana Lhuillier and just deposit a money through their usual counter where the people have their transactions. Their xoom remittance is not good. You have to wait for two hours to have it done. They should change their way or else there will be no customer to go there. They were like a turtle. so slow!

Right after my transaction with the turtle bank. I went to pag ibig to pay my house. The transaction was fast and smooth but even so I cannot go to buy some groceries needed for the house anymore. Coz I was already running late to fetch MJ. I am so sure she was already worried not to have someone to pick her up from the school.

Now, I am so drained… I wanna crawl and sleep in my bed at least for how many hours. So I could attain Faith later tonight if she don’t feel like to sleep yet.

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