I just watched a movie today entitle “Mag ingat ka sa Kulam” played by Judy Ann Santos. She has done a great job for this movie. All of us were terrified and thrilled whenever the other Judy Ann show up. That made me cover my eyes with my hand. Lol.

Here’s the synopsis and the full thriller of the movie:

Mira survives a car accident, and awakens without a memory of her past. As she is regaining pieces of her life with husband Paul and blind daughter Sophie, her business associate Dave convinced her to leave her husband as what she promised her before the accident. However, the situations go more weird as strange things start to occur in her home. Mira is forced to confront her past and discover the real story.

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5 Responses to “Witch”

  1. simplyjacy says:

    scary tuod dah…
    it’s timely kay hapit na halloween. awoooh!

  2. jHeLea says:

    heheehe….ayaw ko nga nito nakakatakot girl hehehe….BTW, an AWARD for you.

  3. genny says:

    hahah what a scary man oy…

  4. merce says:

    Sayoha pud kipalabas uy…hadlok jud?

  5. Vhiel says:

    nakakatakot ba? i don’t like watching movies or anything that scary.. i get nightmares.. malakas kasing imagination..lol…

    thanks for stopping by over at my blog…

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