When I went to church with the kids yesterday, the homily of the priest reiterated at the back of mind. It was about acceptance. Accepting of the invitation in a certain feast. And once you accepted the invitation. You will be given a responsibility that you should do.

When you accept GOD. You should be ready for the responsibilities have given to you too and going to church alone is not enough to do the task. Sometimes we thought we already have done perfectly the responsibility with our prayers and believed, we thought it was enough but it is not.

You should not say I would be saved because I have joined this religion. The religion cannot save you but your belief and how you accept GOD in your being. Acceptance, understanding and forgiveness are only one of those that you are responsible with.

Accepting the person despite of the bad things he have done to you. Understand why he did it to you and forgive. These three tools can be hard. But once you do it responsibly. The salvation will be yours.

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3 Responses to “Responsibility”

  1. eden says:

    thanks for sharing this gurl kay wala baya ko ka simba gahapon. this blog is worth reading jud. thanks again

  2. merce says:

    Mao jud bitaw na ang homily kagahapon.

  3. anne says:

    salamat gurls I appreciate it a lot

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