I Was Feeling Guilty

At lunchtime yesterday, Mj told me that she owed a watercolor from the nearby store at school worth 25.00 pesos. She was trying to tell me that she asked permission from the owner because she needs the watercolor very badly for their project in English. At first I accepted her explanation but later on I realized who would trust a girl just like her age and will allow her to take the watercolor with installment basis. Mj said she could pay it partially on Monday and the remaining balance will be on Tuesday.

I got nervous to think that she might get it without permission. I brought her to the store where she got the watercolor. I verify it with the owner if what she told me is true. The owner told me everything and said my daughter did not lie.

I was feeling guilty though, how come her own Mom was not able to believe what she said. I was really disappointed of myself. I hope Mj will able to understand why I reacted that way. But even though I know my reaction about the watercolor stuff is not acceptable. Of all people I should be the one to believed and trust her.

To think that I know MJ more than anyone else. She is a resourceful kid and she would do her best to provide a solution if that kind of circumstances occurs.

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4 Responses to “I Was Feeling Guilty”

  1. kikai says:

    awww.. dont be so hard on urself sis.. just learn from the situation atleast u reacted that way ngayon plng when the situation was still a small thing and not a big deal..

    btw, it was really sweet and responsible of ur daughter to do that 🙂 u must have taught her well about life 🙂

  2. anne says:

    Hi kikai, yes at times independent too. nasanay kasi I was working before and yaya lang ang nasa tabi niya.

  3. jHeLea says:

    hello girl….don’t blame yourself….what you did was natural reaction….kasi sino ba naman ang mag iisip na pwede pala yung hulugan…another thing is that you have learned a lesson out of what happened….see, MJ has grown up to be an independent and resourceful girl..

  4. anne says:

    oo nga feeling ko maaga itong magdadalaga eh

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