When I was still a call center agent. We were trained to do multitasking just like you were talking while typing fast so you would be able to note what the other line was talking. Not including that you also have to open a lot of window in your computer screen so while noting you could close the designated job of the technician calling you.

That if we will be assign to another project, it will find us so boring with one window working in the screen. We are used to multitasking but in the film I would like to share to you is too far from what we were doing back in the call floor.

There is no way that we will do to make the customer wait on the other line so to attain another line, well except if we have to dig her records and we need the supervisor assistance to answer her complain. In that case, we will have to tell the customer that she should hold for a few minutes while we are working her records so to answer her queries for us to avoid dead air.

Terry was the one who sent me this video and I was laughing so hard when I watch it.

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  1. faye says:

    i like the video eheh
    multi-tasking nga ,,,
    passing here and read some of ur blogs…specially about the airlines there sa atin hehehe

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