My Darling Angel

Mj was very upset when I told her she couldn’t join their program on next week for I will not be around but since she was persistent. I went to her school yesterday and approached her teacher what would be the things she needed so she can join.

I thought I have to make the wings myself, in the contrary I was able to find a costume exactly as it requires with a fair price. It was only almost 400 pesos and it already has a dress, halo, and oh the wings.

I bought it without any hesitation, even the money was intended for my birthday at home. I will just shorten the budget for the grocery. Instead one kilo of meat I’ll just make it 800 grams since it’s only me and the family will celebrate it.

Mj was surprised when I showed her the costume. She was so excited with the upcoming event. I would probably just look at the pictures when I return home from Singapore.

As my best poser as she ever be. She showed me her sweet smile:

Just when she arrived from school

Mj’s pose ever

Touching the halo

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