Colombus Day!

Terry informed me that yesterday his time was holiday in the U.S. It is called Colombus day. Christopher Colombus was the one who found and landed first in the shores of the new world. They supposedly headed, hoping to find a new naval route to India and the other nations of the East. But instead found the American continent. One of his sailor who spotted the land America as what they call the new world. They found the island called Guanahani on October 12, 1492. The location was unknown at this time yet it was somewhere in Bahamas. Colombus’s expedition launched the first large scale Europian Colonization of the Americas.

Al though the new figures do permit the migration that peopled the Americas but the intriguing question still remain. The Physical evidence was not shown, leaves only confusions to people’s motivations and thoughts. If the the original Americans uses boats to cruise the Pacific coast and South America and how many years they have stayed in the land bridge.

The above mentioned article was gather by this links: Land Bridge. To read more just visit the website.

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