Eager But Nervous

I never expected I could go to the big S to visit sister Lillian. I thought it would only be in my dream to travel that far. I never ever had been to Manila or anywhere in the Philippines.
When I passed the trainee as a call center agent before. There were speculations that they will assign me to Clark Pampanga for how many months. I was excited at the moment because finally I can ride a plane and be somewhere to sight see perhaps if I don’t have worked. I promised myself I would go some places there that I could enjoy with. I was also sad because I will be leaving MJ behind, it tore my heart into two just to imagine being apart from her. I had second thoughts and in the end I was praying I wish the management would change their mind sending me elsewhere.

I was happy when they decided to just assign me here. Maybe they realized that my daughter needs me more than anything else in this world. So be it if I was not able to ride an airplane. That was not my first concern anyway. Because I believe somehow I will experience that thing.

It was one of my dreams to go travel and ride a plane. And next week will be the realization of it. (Coz the first dream is always being with Terry, sometimes I wish the travel would go to where he is) Right now, I am eager but nervous. Absolutely I am a newbie at such. I even don’t have any idea of what the airport would be like or the experience I will have. I may sound silly but that is the truth. You may laugh at me but that is how I feel. It would be better if Terry will be beside me on the plane. I maybe more at ease and relax.

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4 Responses to “Eager But Nervous”

  1. jHeLea says:

    really girl? first time mo mag plane?…..okay ra na girl….bongga gyud ka kay international man imong sakyan hehehe

  2. eden says:

    have a happy and safe trip anne. I am sure you gonna be OK in the plane. take plenty of pictures while you are there. I miss Singapore na. we took a holiday there for about 4 days and we enjoyed every moment of it.

    Advance happy birthday .Wish you many more b-days to come and more blessings always. hugs

  3. merce says:

    Hi anne!Good luck…Sana mag-enjoy ka sa first sakay nimo.
    Kung ako paistoryahon,kung mahimo pa lang dili na jud ko musakay ug eroplano.talawit jud kaaayo ko,bisan naa pa sa akong tapad akong bana.

  4. Gee says:

    You’d be fine girl…Just bring a medicine that’ll help you when you get drowsy…and bring a gum pra busy ka, hehe, it’ll help too (distraction, gud! hehe)..Singapore is pretty, don’t miss the cable car at Sentosa…weeee