Here’s My Story

My eldest sister lives and works in Singapore and I have not seen her in 3 years. I miss my sister very much. When she invited me to visit her in Singapore I was so excited and started to pull together the 17,000 pesos required to purchase a round trip ticket from Cebu Pacific Airlines.

Since I had my passport, I thought that was needed since there were no mention of immigration requirements for Singapore on their website, nor was I informed of any by their agents when I asked them, the exact word that the in charge said was I only needed a passport and itinerary plus the tickets going back. I thought all was fine when I boarded my flight from Davao to Manila, but got a big surprise when at the Airport in Manila I was told I needed a letter of invitation.

The immigration told me that I needed a letter of invitation regardless of how many days will I stay there. Three to Four days to be exact, I seek help immediately from Cebu Pacific manila and they said that they have no involvement of the immigration requirements because they are only issuing a tickets and requirements for such is not their responsibility. Now, why did the in charge told me about the requirements if they don’t know about it, nor responsible for the exact requirements then, why they have to informed me of a passport and itinerary as a requirements for tourist in Singapore. They should have been advise me to go to the immigration office for me not to be stranded in manila airport.

I was so disappointed. Cebu Pacific was not much help. I went back Sunday at the cebu pacific manila since they told us Saturday night that we could rebook our flight by tomorrow Sunday. When we went there we were shocked again when they said we can’t rebook instead we have to purchase another set of ticket from manila to Singapore which is 12,000 pesos. We cannot make a refund for our flight from last night Saturday. They said it has been used since I already use the flight from Davao to manila. I asked the lady in charge if what to do get at least the half of what I spent. She then said I can only refund it from where I purchase the ticket.

With no much money I reserved my ticket in PAL with their promotions going back to Davao on Monday that was yesterday. From the airport I directly went to Cebu Pacific Ticketing Office. And lay down my complain to the girl name Joanne told me that she will make a waiver and will write an email to their head office in manila. Now what did they do? Just today they said they would refund me 6,003 Piso. 17,000 peso is a lot of money to me, and to have such lack of caring and customer service from Cebu Pacific shows they have not interest in providing good customer service but of taking our hard to come by money.

I will never do business with Cebu Pacific again and I encourage all of you to follow my example, They don’t care about you or where you are going they just care about your hard earned money.

There are complaints on going when I went there the other day. Two foreigners even said that they don’t have good customer service and they would report what they had experienced to DOT.

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3 Responses to “Here’s My Story”

  1. merce h:) says:

    Hi anne!nalibug lang ko sa imong story.ang airlines ba para sa imong ticket ug agency nga imong gikuhaan isa lang?i mean,package tour ba siya?

  2. merce h:) says:

    Abi nimu,lisud man gud magtravel,kung gikan ka sa pinas.maquestion ka sa immigration,kung unsa imong trabaho,asa nimo gikan imong travel expenses.
    dili baya sayon magbiyahe,mao nga nakasabot ko sa imong gibati karon.
    walay problema sa ticket,pero sa immigration ka magkaproblema.

  3. jHeLea says:

    as I told you girl charged to experience na lang…maybe it was not the right time yet magkita mo sa imong sister…and remember everything happens for a reason…