I Am Back With A Very Traumatic Experience

I have been back since Monday but I was not in the mood to write something here. I felt so tired physically, emotionally and mentally. I felt the world has not been very good to me.

When I was in Manila I can’t think of anything right or what would be the best thing to do. I want to go home right there and then. Good thing I met a friend name Reenah who had the same situation with mine, when she hears me talking on the phone with our dialect bisaya. She approaches me right away and told me about her problem too.

Why can’t they properly served the customer so well. Why they have to be sarcastic in answering passengers. To the fact, that we are the one who’s paying them off. Us as a Filipino Citizen. Why they can’t be at least nice for those passengers whose lacking in requirements. I really don’t understand why they have to be so rude.

With my airline, as of now I can’t write yet the name of the airline, of how disconcerting and care less they are to the customer. They will give you information that would probably cause you trouble when you are already in Manila Airport. They are just taking money without serving you well.

As of now we are still in process on how to get the money back or I may also file a case against them if they wont. So I have to zip my mouth first if they still refused to have me refunded or rebook. You will know the whole story here.

Just a note: Do not be deceived with their fare promotions they will just lead you to nowhere.

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8 Responses to “I Am Back With A Very Traumatic Experience”

  1. merce h:) says:

    Sad to say sorry,kung naka-experience ka ng di mabuti.kung sa akin lang,always yan sa katangahan nila.

  2. anne says:

    oo nga merce i feel so down really today…

  3. jHeLea says:

    hello girl what happened really had a negative impact on you and it saddens me…di na gyud ko kahibalo paano ka e comfort….sa who ABC tag nimo ganahan ko sa imo quotes…read it over and over again and you will realize what happened to you was a blessing although traumatic…

  4. Sachi says:

    ako ba nabantayan anne ang mga customer service dri sa pinas dli kau mau dli raman cguro sa airline na even mga malls…don’t know whose fault is that but we have a right kay we are paying them right…I have an experience before nga nagkamisunderstanding ba sa flight sked so akong giparebook ang cost man hinoon sa rebooking more than pa sa akong gipay nga roundtrip ticket….what i did buy nlng ko one way ticket….Goodluck gurl on ur campaign

  5. campjk says:

    Ate Anne, I’m sorry about what happened..You mentioned something about “those passengers whose lacking in requirements”, did you lack any requirement? If it’s all right to ask, what did actually happen at the airport?! Maybe there’s something I can help you with based on my own experience when I flew to Malaysia..And as far as I know Ate, Promo fare are NON-REFUNDABLE!!

    I am not asking you ‘te to tell the whole story..Just the safer ones to tell as of now..Maybe we can help you 🙂

  6. anne says:

    hi gurls I cant answer you now yet since my complain is still on going.

  7. faye says:

    parang alam ko na airlines mo
    anyway abangan ko ang susunod na kwento here sis..promise post it soon excited ako …ganun talga sila..

  8. eden says:

    hello anne, sorry to hear about what happen.
    naka experience sad ana akong niece nga kulang iyang requirement from DSWD pag visit niya sa Syd for 1 week holiday.sayop sad to sa travel agency kay wala man nila gi informed akong niece and the worst kay diha na siya kabalo at the time sa boarding. maayo gani kay ni ok ra ang head sa immigration.katong diha sa counter maoy dili gyud maminaw.

    i hope you are OK now and good luck.