I Do Not Know Anymore

I had been trying hard to train MJ not to pee in the bed. But she still wet her shorts sometimes at night. She did it again last night.

She already pee in the bathroom before going to bed though. At first glance, while I tried to let Faith fall asleep. She did not pee yet. I thought she will not going to do it again because I was confident she will not pee. But just thirty minutes pass by. I saw her shorts wet again.

Terry said that she maybe inherit it from my cousin. Or worst theres something wrong with her bladder. It was not matured. It supposedly get matured at the age of six as Terry search it in the website. He suggested to have MJ check up which I did not do it yet. Because I believed I can still hold and manage to train her not to pee in bed. She improved though, because she seldom pee at night in bed. But I more like it if she totally get rid of that habit. And not be like her cousin.

Is there anyone here, who know the techniques of taking away the kids from that habit? If so please send me some advise.

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3 Responses to “I Do Not Know Anymore”

  1. Mabel says:

    Anne, my younger sister used to pee when she’s asleep. But that was when she was about 4-7 years old. Our mom did not really do anything much to train her… but she was able to outgrow the habit. Just continue to train your daughter MJ and give her a little bit more time…maybe it will stop eventually.

  2. jHeLea says:

    try mo na lang mag arinola kayo sa gabi girl..at least pag gusto niyang mag weweee may arinola sa kuwarto….

  3. Pinay Mommy says:

    hello anne!

    i don’t know if this will work for you. it really requires patience. if she drinks milk at night, at least make her drink more than an hour before sleeping. and before she sleeps, let her pee. and around 4am or 5am, wake your child up and make her pee. though she is sleepy, just guide her. make it a hobby for her and later she will wake up once she feels like peeing.

    it worked for my daughter and son. now they are 8 and 4. they wake up at night when they feel like peeing. there are times that my boy pees but my daughter is now OK.

    thanks again for the visit.