Second Session For Advance Baking Class

I thought not to attend my Advance Baking Class lasts Saturday but my niece and daughter were bragging me to go out to attend my class. Well, of course. Because they are looking after the cake I will bring back home.

The cakes we baked last Saturday was Crema De Fruta, Brazo De Mercedes, and Carrot Cake. As usual I was the one who always taste those cakes first even it was not bake yet. When the filling was mixed, I just cannot say “no” to taste it, just even before it will put inside the oven.

Here are some of our pictures taken last session :

Waiting for my share. hehehe (me with our teacher)

Gotcha! Eating a cellophane???

We are taking our best shot
while our teacher was busy mixing. LOL

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2 Responses to “Second Session For Advance Baking Class”

  1. Selina Tankersley says:

    oi nice na gurl kay maka bring home ug cakes whew! looks good

  2. merce says:

    Hi anne!patilawa sab ko behhhh…he he he..