What Is Simple Married Life?

I had been wanting to have a man I can call my own. A man whose always there for me through thick and thin. A man who can provide and support his family not only financially but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.

Simple married life should be base by trust and love. In that tools, emotions apply. You do not have to have riches and wealth. In that alone everything just follow smoothly. Simple married life can be contented of what is it, in the table. You will not look for other things just to please you. Because your family alone can satisfies you, your happiness. You may not wear jewel that glitters, diamond that sparks but with your husband and kids in your side. You will then have, all the treasures in the world.

Simple married life is simply me, my husband and the kids. A family that will grows and walk through GOD’s way or path.

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