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Even Miles Apart

Mabelle was one of those friends I made way back when I was still on trainee in a call center I worked to before. We were actually close and she was my seatmate too.

Sosyal and maarte was my first impression to her before but later on I found her friendly and a cowgirl for she could also do things that a very not maarte like me can do.

It has been one year that we were not able to see each other, the last time I saw her was on May last year, she was broken hearted during that time and now when she arrives in the hotel we stayed in for one night, she handed me her phone and let me read the message from her long relationship boyfriend.

It was sort of saying goodbye and it was the same guy who broke her heart last year when I saw her last. Well if a guy hurt you not only once but many times, it is really better to move on and no looking back even if he goes back and would beg just for you to come back with him.

I hope she had fun during MOA’s roaming and the hat galore pictures.

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Manila Escapades

Well, we cannot undo things anymore we have to do our to best to enjoy ourselves in Manila even that means we will be dealing expensive things, place to stay and foods. When we look for a place to dine, we unintentionally gotten inside of a restaurant that was totally a stranger to us and when we found out that the food there was costly, we cannot take aback because were shy to go out already, so what we did we chose the very least expensive dinner, the undying pizza in the table and the pasta for Reenah.

Reenah doesn’t know that to order pasta, five people can fit to eat it. So the pictures showed below as how she can finish that all. Do you want to help?

Mabelle and me shared the one circle big pizza that we just can’t finish it still because it was too huge for us uhmmm diet diet diet… anyway I had it brought the left pizza in the hotel.

We also were surprised when the crew and waiters all so sudden sang a song to one of the customer there and put the hat on, in the customer’s head. When we asked the waitress who served us, she said it is the customer’s birthday. We were so intrigued of the hat because it was so stylish and one of it is fit for Halloween and that we asked the waitress if we could use and borrow it. Good thing, the waitress took three hats from the corner and let us wears it for how many minutes. Maybe she knows were from the mountains just kidding. Hehehehe

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