Mall Of Asia

Mall of Asia was the only mall nearby where we checked for one more day with Reenah in Manila. When I saw it, I was so stunned for it was just so big!

Somebody told me before that this Mall is huge but I did not know it is that big. Reenah said when we were about to enter the mall that we cannot roam around the mall in just a few hours we need one day to see every corner.

That was 9:00 p.m. I think that my friend Mabelle was running towards the terrace and I heard that something exploded. When we were near at the terrace already. I saw the sparkling lights in the sky. The fireworks were already set and it gave colors to the sky, there was blue, white, read and a lot more.

It has been like how many years that I have never seen fireworks, our Mayor prohibited firecrackers and fireworks during Christmas and New Year’s because of the causes that this thing might harm us in which we understand that.

The safety of the country and the people should be given attention first other than fireworks even if how beauty the colors it is in the sky.

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