When I had my first ride in a plane last October I had many things going on my mind and the more I thought of that, the more I got scared but I have to face my fear I have to cross over through plane to take the challenge and so I succeeded.
Terrified I was yet funny thing happen to me still inside the plane. After the plane took off I am beginning to get uneasy. I have to go to the bathroom for call of nature. I read the instructions carefully on how to take off the seat belt, it said, “Lift” so I lift it but voila it did not! I already move the belt from the buckle but still it won’t loosen. I already wanted to ask my seatmate but I was so shy to ask. So I decided not to pee and tried to just close my eyes to divert my attention but I just can’t! I really have to go to the bathroom worst thing I was in the middle so when I move a lot, my seat mate would definitely notice me moving too much in my chair.

I tried again to loosen the belt; I lift the buckle and it still not. I lift it higher with scary thoughts that I might damage it; I was relieved it didn’t but to my disappointment it still not removed. So I thought to lift it more higher this time and so there it was! I just have to lift it more so the belt will be removed from the buckle.

As soon as the belt loosens, I immediately ran to the comfort room.

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3 Responses to “Seatbelt”

  1. simplyjacy says:

    i know how it is to be in the middle seat. like you, i sometimes would hold it as much as i can to avoid disturbing the people seating on the way.

    at least anne wala ka naka-ihi. hehehe!

  2. anne says:

    hehehehe mao gurl natulog ra ba tong naa dapit sa aisle bahala siya oi disturbo jud siya nako

  3. eden says:

    kasuway sad ko anang pugong pugong Anne kay diha sad ko ato sa middle seat ..hehehe.. pagkadugayan wala jud naagwanta.. ning excuse jud ko oi..hehehe

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