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Okay, I maybe late posting this one but bear with me I just find it so cute not to post it. This was when Honey greeted me Happy Halloween, last November 01, when he opens his web cam to me; he wore this fang on his teeth.

It was not scary at all for me because he looks so cute wearing those, trying to scare me. I was even laughing when I saw him wearing that and even Mj burst into laugh.

I know that he was just trying to make me feel that despite of being apart there is no one who could ever stop us celebrating the Halloween, even though it would only be online.

When I was still working in a call center before, our operation manager would implement a contest among the agents. The team who got the best scary costumes will be stated as winner and will be receiving some prizes. The management will design the call floor as well, sometimes they would put a coffin at the entrance with candles everywhere, they also going to hang a white dress in the comfort room’s corner and put some cobwebs in the terminal.

We had fun though specially when they turn off the light so quick. Everyone would scream, good luck to those who got a call during the no light scares, they surely be interrupted.

Our costume

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  1. texas_sweetie says:

    ka kyut pud sa manghadlok cool pud kau inyo trabahoan oi. ma imagine ko lang ang lungon yuckss kahadlok kaha?

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