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Cute Blogger Award

Thank you Gen for this cute blog award you gave me. It is indeed my honor for receiving this one.

Here are the rules:

  1. Each blogger must post this rules
  2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
  3. Blogger that are tagged need to write ten facts of themselves. You need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
  4. Don’t forget to live them comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Now here are my ten Random facts about me:

  1. My Parents died when I was still a kid. My mom died when I was five years old and my dad died when I was nine years old. My uncle took me after my father died. They have this small business in their town that I was obliged to wake up at three a.m. to be in charge cleaning the cooking oil. I did not regret of what I experienced from them even though it was hard for me at first because I never used to wake up and work early at dawn. I learned to depend no one but myself.
  2. I was hit three times by a vehicle when I was a kid. First when I was on my 3rd grade when our teacher asks me to be early at school because I was the one in charge to teach some of my classmate who doesn’t know how to read. When I was about to cross over the highway on the way to school I thought that there was no taxi convoy with the 1o wheelers truck so I ran as fast as I could, then BANG! First thing I knew I was already in the hospital. Second when I was on 6th grade though this is lighter than the previous one. I was ok after I hit by a jeepney, I refused them to take me to the hospital and the 3rd time I was hit by a single motorcycle the driver just take me for check up and since it was morning that time, we ate omelet right after the doctor dressed my wounds. It was just minor cuts anyway.
  3. These accidents happen in the same street. That’s why I will never cross over that highway again. I felt not good whenever I saw it, I feel so different in that place.
  4. I was a scholar when I was in college I finish it with my own determination that, even I don’t have fare to go to the school. It did not serve as a hindrance for me not to make it.
  5. I am not into Math but I am into Accounting. I know both subjects were almost the same but when our guidance counselor at school evaluates me when I was in college. I found out that my interest is higher, that even how simple the subject would be, I still find it hard. In the contrary if I put interest in a certain thing I would surely going to make it. I love Accounting before so that explains better.
  6. I sometimes have a premonition in regards with family circle. I sometimes dream that will become true by next day or some other days.
  7. I was a single mom. I made a mistake of falling in a wrong guy. The only thing that I did not regret is, when Mj was born.
  8. Whenever I am mad at Mj before, I would spank her immediately and then felt sorry right after. Terry advised me to go away somewhere whenever I am pissed off with her so to avoid spanking her in which I am doing right now.
  9. Terry is the first man who loves me, purely I thought I will never be loved like this. But he changed it, he proved me that despite of what my past was, I still deserve to be loved.
  10. My first time to received one basket of flowers when Terry sent it during my birthday, last 2006.
Now its my time to give this award to :

Dhemcy, Simplyjacy, Claire, Mabel, Adei, The Magic Castle, Selina, Mommy Elv’s, Nicoyle and Vannie.

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Airplane And The SuperFerry

Me going back to Davao with PAL

Window side

These two carriers are both new to me. When I first took the plane I was so scared that it might crash, I was too paranoid that I have to read the leaflet for emergency landing several times inserted at the back of the seat in front of me.

I cannot avoid thinking, that everything will happens when you are in the air. When I look down from my window, I saw tiny houses, rivers and highways. They were so small and look like tiny toys; you won’t expect that there are living things beneath when you are flying. While I was there I feel like a bird, even higher as they fly.

My fear to fly was vanished right after and I know I will be flying again soon with Terry, uh uh not with Cebu Pacific anymore I despised them with all my heart but I’ll be with PAL the same plane I took from Manila to Davao.

This month when Clarinda excitedly invites me to go with her in Cebu, I did not hesitate to answered her “yes” since I was too disappointed with my supposedly Singapore trip. And of course that was with Terry’s approval. He even suggested if I could book a ticket again with Silk Air but I refused since the Immigration stuff has given me trauma enough for me not to pursue of any trip involving outside the Philippines unless if it will be with Terry. Well anyways, past is past and we can’t do anything else for it.

With my trip recently I was again paranoid; thinking of the things possibly might happen in the middle of the night when the ship goes. When the vessel started running its engines I was already silent and whisper a prayer quietly.

I couldn’t help to imagine the ship that was just sank somewhere, near Cebu. The passengers who were stranded inside when the captain commanded “Abort The Ship” I bet there were, a lot of babies who cried for help and the parents cannot do anything but to hug them. It really saddened my heart to know that they die due for the incompetent of whoever responsible for the weather forecasts and sea situation. If they had thought first of the safety of the passengers then accident should have been avoided.

When the ship arrived safely in the Cebu Pier earlier than the schedule, I thank GOD because he did not left us through the night. He helps us to finally made it!

I remember Terry’s message when we were about to depart from Cagayan de Oro said, “Please be safe for me and the monsters.” And so I did!

Trip last November 3, 2008 with SuperFerry

Clarinda and me [Partners]

Junna And Me

We arrive in Cebu exactly 6:05 a.m.

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