The Last Time…

“I checked was I am not a girl.” Terry answered immediately when I send him the wrong message this morning in YM.

I usually do multitasking maybe I got used to it since then I was employed in a call center. Everything there was fast, you have to type this quickly and that, you have to attain the incoming call, even you were not yet finished with your note from your previous call. You have to type and think as quick as you can, so you will be able to type the note that the technician wanted you to write in your present call. Not to mention that in your screen would be a lot of windows that you will be using at the same time in one call. We have to finish it as fast as we can so we won’t be getting IA’s (Immediate Attention) from our Supervisor.

Since I resign I just can’t stop of doing things one at a time. Mostly I have all the windows open in my computer and whenever I am posting any article in my blog I am reading and washing dishes as well.

When I am chatting to Terry and if a friend would buzz me. I immediately answer them right away as if I am not talking to other window.

This morning I mess up. Who wouldn’t be? I was writing a tag, chatting with Genny, reading a post of my co-bloggers and chatting with Terry.

When Genny has to verify me something about Mj’s lay out. Out of conscious, I responded to Terry’s window and hit the send button so quick. Terry answered right away ” The last time I checked I am not a girl” while laughing. I was confused a little while with his reply and reaction but when I checked the message. I too burst into laugh because the text was a very visible “ok girl” the message that supposed to be sent to Genny.

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4 Responses to “The Last Time…”

  1. Manollie says:

    wahaha thats funny… mao na ron ako papel pud multi task.. take care dai anne.. i love reading ur posts

  2. genny says:

    heheh mao na diha hehehe…

  3. Vhiel says:

    hey anne,

    join me on twitter… got a twitter tag for you here

  4. anne says:

    ok girl ill grab it as soon as I get the chance thannks!

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